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Wesley Kingsbury

Newcastle upon Tyne | October 19th, 2022

Very simple and easy service to use, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

William Rodrigues

Plymouth | October 6th, 2022

I got 4 years of back dated marriage persons allowance back and my tax code adjusted for this years £250 as well. We really needed the money so thanks.

Mark Major

Bath | October 3rd, 2022

The process was straight forward and quick.. They notified me when my payment was ready. Glad I went ahead and filled in the form after I was made redundant. My money is on the way.

Mark Hodgson

Cambridge | September 6th, 2022

The best! Thank you so much for your help and support!

Shane Ray

Coventry | September 6th, 2022

I’m very happy with the level of professionalism from the team as well as my refund. Thank you very much.

Sophie Baybutt

Manchester | September 6th, 2022

Awesome + friendly, helped me every step of the way! And got results would recommend.

Amy Rutherford

Peterborough | September 6th, 2022

Was very happy with my rebate received. I had no idea I was able to claim, thank you.

Luke Noble

York | September 6th, 2022

Very good team. Thank you to help me to have my money back. Well done guys.

Sarah Mohanlal

Bristol | August 30th, 2022

I can recommend this company! They solved my claim in a short time

Amit Tingley

Portsmouth | August 30th, 2022

Absolutely brilliant service, really impressed, easy to access and complete.

Daniel Harrison Taylor

Coventry | August 30th, 2022

Very simple process I should have done this years ago thanks.

Angelina Hirani

Cambridge | August 30th, 2022

Throughout the claim I was kept up to date. Claim dident take very long to go through, very pleased with my money.

Vergo Harrison

Oxford | August 30th, 2022

Good customer service and very serious! At the beginning I doubt about them but I highly recommend them. I just received my rebate last week!

Suzanne Cobble

Oxford | August 30th, 2022

Kept informed, dealt with quickly, thanks.

Daniela Harper

Bradford | August 30th, 2022

Great help and fantastic service I will be keeping in touch.

Michelle Fein

Worcester | August 23rd, 2022

Great customer service, they kept contact via email to make sure I didn’t have to chase. Highly recommended.

Natalie Stewart

Exeter | August 23rd, 2022

Very pleased with amount I received

Natalie Kent

Nottingham | August 23rd, 2022

Applied for rebate quick reply and quick service thanks

Tony Kent

Carlisle | August 23rd, 2022

I was surprised and happy to receive my payment right before payday. And glad I applied as had no idea about the marriage allowance.

Pawel Wilson

Peterborough | August 23rd, 2022

Really appreciate my tax rebate, my kids say thank you sooooo much as they’ve already spent it on a large paddling pool for the garden this coming summer.

Mick Brylka

Sheffield | August 23rd, 2022

Thank you. Very easy to do no hassle, and I had a few extra pounds for holidays

Kelly Brereton

St Albans | August 23rd, 2022

Very quick. I got my money in time!

Emma Street

Lincoln | August 23rd, 2022

Great customer service and support, payment made very quickly and within specified time!

Thomas Bradley

Newcastle upon Tyne | August 23rd, 2022

Regular updates, easy to use, & speedy

Jonathan Watts

York | August 23rd, 2022

Was dealt with very quickly and was pleased with rebate

Katrina Walter

Ripon | August 16th, 2022

Am very happy with tax rebate. I really appreciate your work on my behalf. Because of you my tax code is amended and got my rebate, which came in really really handy to renew my son’s passport. Thank you

Ilona Hall

Nottingham | August 16th, 2022

Very good service. Unexpected rebate of over £900 which came in very useful over these summer holidays with the kids

Virginia Balan

Norwich | August 9th, 2022

Quick and easy – I would definitely recommend everyone does this!

Jessica Evans

Durham | August 9th, 2022

Very impressed with a straight forward form to complete. Easy to use. And very pleased with my rebate. I have highly recommend your services to colleagues. Thank you

Alex Starkey

Preston | August 9th, 2022

Very good at getting my tax rebate

Nikki Phillips

Portsmouth | August 9th, 2022

Very easy, no fuss, just gave a few details & they did all the rest.

Hope Green

Cambridge | August 9th, 2022

Fast and easy process what I was told happened already. Recommendations given to friends family and work colleagues. Thankyou

Phillip Stanley

Bath | August 9th, 2022

Excellent service, fully recommend. I’m taking the mrs on holiday for the first time in 15 years thanks to this refund. Thanks again.

Catherine Humphries

Bristol | August 2nd, 2022

Very happy and grateful for my refund. Thankyou

Farhana Wilde

Preston | August 2nd, 2022

Very good service and helpful

Andrea Begum

Coventry | August 2nd, 2022

I was aware that I could claim . Everything done perfectly precisely for me.

Denise Wilcock

Oxford | August 2nd, 2022

Very good and an easy form to fill out plus like the emails which tell me what’s happening with my claim

Nicola Hagerty

Birmingham | August 2nd, 2022

Very helpful in all areas of the claim from start to finish thank you.

David Conisbee

City of London | August 2nd, 2022

Forms were very easy to fill out, and I called them as well and they were very helpful

Agne Harris

York | August 2nd, 2022

Good easy to understand your website will recommend you to friends.

Natalia Kuklinska

Westminster | July 26th, 2021

Simple and user friendly

Naheed Patel

Canterbury | July 26th, 2021

The form was easy and straight forward to fill. Fast response from step to step. Your service is excellent!

Kelly Sardar

Manchester | July 26th, 2021

Very easy system to use would recommend to anyone who hasn’t used this.

Sally Green

Chester | July 26th, 2021

Well kept up to date with progrees

Abigail Morse

Sheffield | July 26th, 2021

Easy to use just sign online and wait for your money

Diana Singleton

St Albans | July 26th, 2021

Very happy with the service

Charlotte Campbell

Southampton | July 26th, 2021

Easy instructions. Nice and simple to follow

Paul Barnard

Sunderland | July 26th, 2021

It was short sharp and sweet. Easy to use the site.

Roxanne Kadaj

Ely | July 19th, 2021

Really fast service! Well done.

Simon Readett

Wakefield | July 19th, 2021

Brilliant service and easy to do so straight forward

Debbie Markham

Kingston upon Hull | July 19th, 2021

Quick. Straight forward. Effortless application online

Stephen Harrop

Portsmouth | July 19th, 2021

it can not be faulted staff are very pleasent and helpful I could recommend to anybody who is thinking of claiming tax back.

Rosie Smith

Cambridge | July 19th, 2021

It was a very good process for me. Thank you

Monica Popplewell

Liverpool | July 19th, 2021

Very easy to claim it

James Falkingham

Salford | July 19th, 2021

Very happy with the great service I have received thanks

Tasha McGann

Wolverhampton | July 19th, 2021

Easy process no problems

Claire Gafita

Bradford | July 19th, 2021

I was updated every step of the way, knew exactly what was happening with my claim although it took a while longer to process because of lockdown but the customer service was great and I got my payment quickly once HMRC did sort it.

Daniel Lovelock

Sunderland | July 14th, 2021

Quite glad I decided to use Rebated in the end as not only did I get the full marriage allowance worth over £1200 I also got a refund for a PPI payout I’d paid too much tax on but that was only £120 but still worth it.

Shannon Betson

Oxford | July 14th, 2021

No fuss or problems very straight forward

Rachel Naique

Ripon | July 14th, 2021

Easy service to use. Simplistic and well drafted documentation. Great service to use

Nicolas Aston

Bristol | July 14th, 2021

Very helpful just wish it was quicker but other than that great help thankyou

Kara Wheeldon

Westminster | July 14th, 2021

Reliable, punctual, great customer service

Emma Morgan

Preston | July 14th, 2021

Emails were quickly replied to, i see no faults what so ever. Thanking you again for a quick and easy process .

Daniella Staniforth

Peterborough | July 14th, 2021

I was very impressed from the very start ! I’d recommend these to anyone as they got me way more money than going to HMRC directly

Michelle Mould

Gloucester | July 14th, 2021

It was easy to apply and they keep you updated on what’s happening

Paul Brereton

Manchester | July 5th, 2021

Real easy. No fuss. Straightforward. No nonsense

Sam Brooks

Worcester | July 5th, 2021

Very helpful staff always kept in contact keeping me up to date where my claim process was up and correct estimation dates of when my rebate was due.

Brigitta Tassios

Exeter | July 5th, 2021

Very good although took slightly longer than usual but still good service and kept in contact with me

Karen Warboys

Gloucester | July 5th, 2021

Easy to follow steps and good guideance

Damien Santa

Salisbury | July 5th, 2021

Very easy to do and kept up to date with all details

Angela Mitchell

Canterbury | July 5th, 2021

Very clear and honest company. Upfront and very good customer service.

Tim Wozencroft

Wolverhampton | July 4th, 2021

Easy to understand and not too much small print

Charlotte Croshaw

Sheffield | July 2nd, 2021

The automation process is fast and efficient. Looking forward for the payment.

William Mills

Lincoln | July 2nd, 2021

Very good easy to do my tax claim for working at home

Shellie Windsor

Liverpool | July 2nd, 2021

All great helpful and all comes on time very quick. Almost makes being married worth it.

Gemma Jones

Belfast | June 19th, 2021

Great service, fast and efficient

Anthony Deakin

Sheffield | June 17th, 2021

Speedy and reliable

Gemma Dunn

Southampton | June 14th, 2021

Very clear and concise information. Straightforward to complete, thanks for that.

Jim Timoney

Cambridge | June 10th, 2021

Thank you for making this such an easy process.

Bill Timoney

Wakefield | June 9th, 2021

Thrilled with the excellent service provided. Quick, efficient and got me £815! If I’m honest I was expecting a bit more but I’m pretty happy. Thank you!

Natalie Smith

Liverpool | May 28th, 2021

Outstanding service very helpful and would recommend it to everybody I know

Sharmaine Cooke

Derby | May 12th, 2021

Very pleased from start to finish ! Excellent service and 5* customer service i highly recommend Rebated. thank you

Claire Turner

Cambridge | May 12th, 2021

Very simple clear forms which was easy and all done on my mobile whilst i was waiting in a line. Was very quick.

Rebecca Armitage

Ripon | May 12th, 2021

Quick easy to fill in forms on my phone and no having to post stuff. helpful

Louise Martin

Lancaster | May 8th, 2021

Excellent quick and prompt service. Very happy

Enea Gordon

Winchester | May 4th, 2021

Brilliant and easy, fast service. I got £1060 tax back. I would recommend that everyone goes through this process. Its definately worth it.

Susan Maria

Brighton & Hove | April 19th, 2021

Excellent service, I was thrilled to receive over £450, first class, helpful email communication, thank you

Raluca Harris

Ely | April 18th, 2021

Very easy payment to my paypal, no messing with cheques, nice.

Anita Manole

Lincoln | April 7th, 2021

Clicked on the link on Facebook! Found out how much my refunds were worth nearly £2k, they sent me the online forms really quick, filled it in! Was told 8-10 weeks. six weeks later my rebate arrived! Quick, fast, easy!

Luis Seldon

Carlisle | April 6th, 2021

I’m very pleased and happy for my marriage allowance refund. Thank you so much for sorting it out for me. It didn’t take that much time at all. Thank you so much.