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How far back can I claim?
We can claim back the last 4 tax years on any applicable tax refund or allowance claim. After that, the opportunity is gone forever unless in very special and exceptional circumstances.
What is the work from home allowance?
If your employer requires you to work from home, you've always been able to claim for increased costs, eg, heat or electricity, for the specific time at home. Yet during the 2020 lockdown, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) launched a 'microservice' which, even if you only needed to work from home for a day, allowed you to get a WHOLE year's tax relief. That applies for the 2021/22 tax year too – meaning many are due TWO years' relief, worth roughly £250.
Even if I worked just 1 day at home I can claim?
Yes. Really.
Can other people in my household claim too?
Yes. Any number of people in the same household are entitled to claim as long as they were required to work from home during the pandemic for some time, as little as 1 day counts to qualify for the entire annual allowance.
How do I claim the work from home allowance?
Check with the Rebated refund checker to see if if you qualify and also what else you might be entitled to claim for that you didn't know about. The Rebated mission is to put more money back into your pockets so we try find other allowances and refunds you can make at the same time so that your claim is worth even more!