We can claim back the last 4 tax years on any applicable tax refund or allowance claim. After that, the opportunity is gone forever unless in very special and exceptional circumstances.

If you’ve been out of work, or were out of work for 4 weeks or more then YES, there is a very good chance you are eligible. You cannot apply for a refund now if you’re:receiving or will receive other taxable income such as a works pension from your old employer before the end of the tax year OR claiming: Jobseeker’s Allowance (unless you’re claiming for National Insurance credits only), taxable Incapacity Benefit, Employment and Support Allowance, Carer’s Allowance. We will qualify you during our application process so don’t worry, it’s all incredibly simple.

Assuming that you have not simply walked into a brand new job straight away, chances are you are owed money for overpaid tax. It all boils down to whether you want that money back, ASAP, into your pocket, to help cushion the blow of losing your job? or, are you happy to wait it out and let HMRC get around to working out if they owe you money? If you did manage to find a new job after some time off work, there is a very good chance you are still owed a decent refund as often people are put on emergency tax codes at new jobs or p45’s are issued late or incorrectly. Let us handle everything.

Potentially £THOUSANDS. It all depends on how much you earn and when in the tax year you lose your job. Our average refund amount is over £3000 so get in touch today and we can get the process started for you.

Nope. We handle everything for you. The main details you need are your National Insurance number, your PAYE employers reference number and the date you stopped work. Everything you need is usually on your PAYE slips from your employer and if you have already been issued a P45, thats always handy too. Other than that, our process is pain free and quick.

If you’ve lost your job and there’s going to be a period where you are not working, we can help claim back any over paid taxes you are owed by HMRC. We’ll ask them to calculate your tax position at the point your employment ceases and for any overpayment of tax to be refunded straight away. That money is better off in your pocket now, right?

The short answer is yes, probably. It all depends how much you’ve been paid, and how your employer has processed any redundancy payments/settlements for tax purposes and also how they have accounted for unpaid holiday, bonuses and other employment related benefits when calculating your final payment. We sort all that out. We check with HMRC to ensure the right amount of tax has been paid and if you are owed any tax, we’ll get it back for you!

A redundancy tax refund is a refund for overpaid tax as a result of someone losing their job part way through the tax year. Simply put, the way you are taxed assumes you will earn the same amount for the whole tax year. If suddenly, you stop getting paid because you’ve lost your job, the rate of tax you have been paying via your pay packet each month could be way too high, meaning you’ve overpaid tax on your earnings to date. Thats what we find out and get you Rebated for without having to wait about. If you start work again soon after losing your job we also make sure you are not being over taxed on your new salary.