No worry. We can request this from banks & lenders on your behalf. However we can also use estimated figures.

We can claim back the last 4 tax years on any applicable tax refund or allowance claim. After that, the opportunity is gone forever unless in very special and exceptional circumstances.

Up to about £800 to £1000 depending on your individual earnings, tax situation and how many PPI Payouts you have had.

Yes, although each of you need to claim individually. If your claim relates to a joint policy or payout, your claim will be portioned for your part only.

Yes, just provide us the relevant information we ask for during the PPI Tax refund claim process. Simples.

Um, Sorry, Nope. If you made a claim for overpaid PPI tax and you are in this tax bracket you’d basically be saying to HMRC that you owe them money. Obviously you are a proper and decent citizen so this will already have been taken care of. Our claims process checks peoples earnings for any refunds or allowances they are trying to claim to ensure they qualify, so don’t worry. If you tell us you earn too much, we won’t process that claim for any year you earned too much.

Yes! Although you need to be a basic rate tax payer or lower in the tax year you are claiming Overpaid PPI Tax in eg a 20% tax payer and roughly £50k a year earnings or less. If you are above this you might end up owing HMRC, YIKES. We double check your earnings during our claim process to make sure you qualify so don’t worry.

Nope, sorry. The Personal Savings Allowance that came into force on 6th April 2016 is what allows you to claim the 20% tax deducted back. Payouts on PPI before this date do not qualify. However, you may qualify for another tax refund or allowance we help customers with. Use our Refund Checker tool to see what else you might qualify for.