We can claim back the last 4 tax years on any applicable tax refund or allowance claim. After that, the opportunity is gone forever unless in very special and exceptional circumstances.

At the moment our average Rebate amount received from HMRC is just over £500. Specifically what you might be entitled to depends on your individual employment and tax situation. This amount is a guide only. You could be owed more, less or nothing at all. However, at Rebated, we request HMRC check regardless, just in case they are able to find any money owed to you.

In theory, yes, but, you have to wait 6 months till about September or October following the end of the current tax year and thats assuming the HMRC automated system spots any error. Using Rebated means a manual review of your tax account and we ensure this is backdated up to 4 years meaning that if there has been an error and you’ve overpaid tax, we get you the maximim tax rebate possible.

According to Quickbooks, 33% of employees do not check their pay slip monthly to see if they are paying the correct tax. Overpaying tax can happen for many reasons. These can include: changing jobs, human error in HR or Accounts, You only had a job for part of the tax year, You’re a student and only work during the holidays, Other income you get taxed on has reduced, You stopped working or your circumstances changed eg went from full time to part time, you got a pay cut or reduced income because of overtime etc.

You can wait 6 months after the end of the current tax year for HMRC to work it out and tell you if they think they owe you money. OR, you can let us help you work it out and get any money owed back to you quickly as well as getting your tax code adjusted so you are paying the right amount of tax!