The Rebated Story

At Rebated our mission is clear. We aim to put more money back into your pockets by utilising technology, expertise and common sense. We know everyone works really hard for their money. The cost of living is rising and there are uncertain times ahead for many families all over the land. There are many ways we can help improve your financial situation in a relatively short space of time, often to the tune of many hundreds of pounds even for the most simple Rebated claims.

The fact of the matter is that most people are simply unaware of what allowances they are eligible to claim for or what they might have unwittingly overpaid tax on. We utilise some simple yet smart onboarding processes to identify what you are and are not eligible to claim and then we simplify the multitude of HMRC forms and processes into simple and straightforward online forms without any paperwork required by you.

Backed by Experienced Accountants
& Tax Professionals

The Rebated service is backed up by specialist tax accountants
with years of experience in personal tax matters.

You can be confident that if any complications arise that require
special handling, we have the expertise at hand to assist.

Marianne Smith

Reviews star

I came here looking for a ppi tax refund but also ended up being able to claim our marriage tax allowance so now I’m getting refunded even more money. It was so quick and easy.

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Our Fee’s &

We charge a fixed £100 or 40% + VAT, whichever is the greater amount, of any successful reclaim we make on your behalf. We’re NO WIN, NO FEE. If we cannot successfully get you Rebated, there is nothing to pay. We are completely transparent about our charges and terms of business. You can view these here. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from researching what you might be entitled to claim back from HMRC and filling out the various forms yourself. However, we qualify you for what you are entitled to claim, we warn you where you might end up owing HMRC rather than being owed. We bundle the whole process into one fast & simple flow and are here to help with any follow up or help if HMRC raises any questions you need to answer. Our goal is to help you submit multiple refunds and claim requests in one go maximising the value of your claim. In most cases, we help you claim money you had no idea was even due to you!

Over 90% of our claims are successful

It’s No Win, No Fee

Put more money in your pocket with Rebated today.